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What dreams might you have
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I’m impressed by powerful people. People that can push through challenges to create stuff; achieve their goals through focus and effort. And, that’s not my style.

Having taken that path for many years - getting a PhD by the time I was 30, starting several non-profits and achieving success in many aspects of life - I was a Type A achiever. But it didn’t feel like SUCCESS. It felt TIRING!

I was stressed and drained... even though I achieved what I set out to do.

What I now know is that, for me, attaining something isn’t enough. The experience I have along the way is the key factor. When I discovered that I could attain goals from a place of ease, presence and joy THEN working toward a goal became fun!

All of us have tossed out a hope or dream. We have said to ourself “It’s not possible. It’s too hard.” And so we resigned ourself to something less than amazing.

Now is the time to rethink your relationship with your own dreams. Now, a powerful tool is here to help you create stuff that you want -- that new relationship, career or project -- and to do it with ease and joy.

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